Sunday, June 19, 2011

FFT -2 | Religion - a minefield

Does religion provide solace to a fatalist? Are you a believer only if wear your religion on your sleeve? Do you need religion to sustain as a human race? does religion give you freedom or does it put you in fetters? Is religion meant to make you thin skinned to criticism from other religious sects?

Religion is what you make of your belief .. you are entitled to believe what you want and not thrust your opinions and beliefs on another..For a religious extremist, slightest of insinuation is like a ticking is indeed a Minefield.

Is religion the reason that turns the world on its head? when did mankind first feel the need for a a religion.. ? Did it give man an identity and a cause to defend? Did the religious rituals help create a demand vs supply scenario that was the key to the growth of economy?

If religion is a man-concocted  concept why take it seriously..

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