Sunday, June 19, 2011

FFT -2 | Religion - a minefield

Does religion provide solace to a fatalist? Are you a believer only if wear your religion on your sleeve? Do you need religion to sustain as a human race? does religion give you freedom or does it put you in fetters? Is religion meant to make you thin skinned to criticism from other religious sects?

Religion is what you make of your belief .. you are entitled to believe what you want and not thrust your opinions and beliefs on another..For a religious extremist, slightest of insinuation is like a ticking is indeed a Minefield.

Is religion the reason that turns the world on its head? when did mankind first feel the need for a a religion.. ? Did it give man an identity and a cause to defend? Did the religious rituals help create a demand vs supply scenario that was the key to the growth of economy?

If religion is a man-concocted  concept why take it seriously..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

FFT - Food for thought 1

How do you define resilience?

When your sieve like memory fails to acknowledge the event ever happened , you dust off and carry on with life as thought the event was just a minor aberration from your otherwise mundane existence?
When you have the memory of the event etched in your collective minds and still carry on with hope of a safer tomorrow, leaving the dire task of keeping the hope alive in someone else's hands?

How do you define Mumbai?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Ode to Velocity

Just when mind is awash with a million thoughts.....

a cosmic whirl pool raging in my mind....

Velocity carresses me fondingly ....

strips me off my past....

She tosses and twirls me ....

my mental fury substantiated ....

I fight Velocity....

I try to tame her ...

but then she tells it is I who gave birth to her... the velocity

she is invincible like me .... she is my offspring...

the velocity in my mind and body...

the warmth of the being taking me through womb of velocity is none but my very own alter ego...

An esoteric dedication to a very memorable experiece where I came to know Destiny ..


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Waiting

What can u say abt a 25 yrs old girl who died?That she was beautiful and brilliant.that she loved Mozart and Bach, and the beatles and me

She loved you too. much more than her feeble voice could carry when she came out of labor and welcomed you to planet earth.

Though she could not hold you in her arms and fondle you, to see you grow into a woman so much like herself;
with a mere glance of your fragile body transfixed in her tear curtained eyes, an earful of your lachrymose self and only a soft kiss in the air to your name she breathed her last.

With her last breath, she took a part of me away too.but a part of it remained,stayed behind out of self-resolution to be with you

It was then i realised what his silence and tolerance to my mischeif and tantrums was then that the enigma of the unfathomable sadness in his eyes and guilt shrouding his face itself.The shadow of guilt was so palpable that I could almost touch it and wished fervently many a times to wipe it away but never made an attempt.

Years flew by and our roads took us away from each other.even our seldom visits brought an unnerving silence between us that soaked even the words intended like a sponge.

And many years later I got a tinkle in the middle fo the night , summoning me back home.Eventually the following morning he was laid down in a rosewood coffin;he succumbed to the inevitable end of his life in his slumber.

Along with his paraphernalia I also inherited his diary which proved everything else worthless.It had the answers to the questions i never asked about my mother he hoped I wud ask someday.The diary explictly potrayed the stirring restlessness of a soul trapped in a biological body.He was torn between his flesh and blood and his true love;
heart and soul;
His diary spanned an epic saga of true love;His love;Her love and the story of my existance--fruit of their love;

He however wanted to do justice to both of us and waited till heard his calling from the heavens above;He waited for me to liberate him from his ties with me;He waited till I drifted so far away from him that the cord of bondage finally snapped.
He waited till this moment for me to pick up his diary in which he had penned his guilt for being incompetent as father for he failed to bring me closer to my mother I never saw and as a lover , for he failed to keep his promise of following her in life and in death;

I waited too ; but it was too late, for all i have now is his holographic diary and I must confess "I have been away a long time"


Thursday, March 31, 2005

If minds speak...can mortals hear???

Mind is a wonderful hard disk installed inherently by nature....It spews Venom and also churns creates and kills... It is the Satan's Den and also the Angel's Abode...and something mortals can never control...A Mind has a Mind of its own...
The Reviewer
Mind-The recepticle of ethereal nullity,
Mind-The Black hole of all pain,
Mind-The whirlpool of Cosmic chaos,
Mind-The Eye of a raging storm.
Mind-The faint ripples on a placid lake,
Mind-The breeze at the crack of a dawn,
Mind-The guiless smile on an infant's face,
Mind-The rare glimmer in the eye of newborn Fawn.
Mind is a giant puzzle....a cryptic code from the creator...Dont try to fathom its depths....there are things better left un-understood....and one of them is the machinations of a human mind...


Will I make it?!

Something on a lighter note :)

Sleep becons me with a saccharine call
I resist but then i do fall for the specious summons of the Sandman
He drops a speckle of dust in my vision pan
Soporific voices echo in the unresponsive part of me
I dwindle like a newborn fawn
I blink like a bambino caught in the glares of the morning sun
my mind a recepticle of ethereal nullity
my corporeal existences refuting my urge to respond
Lo and behold I drift to the never never land
blissfully oblivious of professor's lecture :)

wrote this during a terribly boring lecture in 7th sem... :)



Her hair brushing against her soft cheeks
flitting past her face in the winds
her cheeks rosened against the sun
her lashes fluttering
her lips --like two rose petals purse and press in a vain attempt to churn nectar
her petite self gently swaying and pivoting on tender heels

she moves her tendril like strands of her with her svelte fingers
she stands atop a hill with a steady flow of tears
the grass at her fair soft feet feel priveledge to be there and the Earth even more ,

to soak up her salinity
her lips twitch in reflection of the agony of her heart,
a promise-broken
a faith-trampleda love -betrayed
a loyalty-non-existentshe plunges into the depths of the ravines
the rocks,thorns, brambles and bushes melt in the radiant beauty that destroyed itself
a beauty that obliterated not only itself---a victim of obsessive love
but also the cause for the same.......


The Wedding

Grain by grain
speck by speck
time trickles away
string by string
arrow by arrow
fingers of dawn
tickle the ponds
ripple by ripple
gurgle by gurgle
springs come to life
drop by drop
dart by dart
rain falls to join its lover--The Earth
The elysian union under the canopy of dark clouds
nature's musicians rise from Earth
tears of joy pelt the rocks
and the valley awash with nascent greenness
Sun-the uninvited peeps from behind the bride's abode---- smiling a benign smile.

the winds -- The best man -- bears the fragrance of the distant orchards to the altar
the trees nodding to the rhythm of thunder
blessings of the spears of lightning
The Rain and Earth --tie the connubial knot
consummate their conjugation.

Life ----their offspring,seedlings burst open
Hope---- Its godmother,they flourish
Ephimeral the relationship--Rain and Earth
She shall go back to her abode
sun beckons her home--
She shall be soon with her better half again,The Earth,seep through him and renew her marital vows.
Speck by Speck
grain by grain
time trickles away.
witness to The Wedding Fade away.