Thursday, March 31, 2005


Her hair brushing against her soft cheeks
flitting past her face in the winds
her cheeks rosened against the sun
her lashes fluttering
her lips --like two rose petals purse and press in a vain attempt to churn nectar
her petite self gently swaying and pivoting on tender heels

she moves her tendril like strands of her with her svelte fingers
she stands atop a hill with a steady flow of tears
the grass at her fair soft feet feel priveledge to be there and the Earth even more ,

to soak up her salinity
her lips twitch in reflection of the agony of her heart,
a promise-broken
a faith-trampleda love -betrayed
a loyalty-non-existentshe plunges into the depths of the ravines
the rocks,thorns, brambles and bushes melt in the radiant beauty that destroyed itself
a beauty that obliterated not only itself---a victim of obsessive love
but also the cause for the same.......


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