Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Wedding

Grain by grain
speck by speck
time trickles away
string by string
arrow by arrow
fingers of dawn
tickle the ponds
ripple by ripple
gurgle by gurgle
springs come to life
drop by drop
dart by dart
rain falls to join its lover--The Earth
The elysian union under the canopy of dark clouds
nature's musicians rise from Earth
tears of joy pelt the rocks
and the valley awash with nascent greenness
Sun-the uninvited peeps from behind the bride's abode---- smiling a benign smile.

the winds -- The best man -- bears the fragrance of the distant orchards to the altar
the trees nodding to the rhythm of thunder
blessings of the spears of lightning
The Rain and Earth --tie the connubial knot
consummate their conjugation.

Life ----their offspring,seedlings burst open
Hope---- Its godmother,they flourish
Ephimeral the relationship--Rain and Earth
She shall go back to her abode
sun beckons her home--
She shall be soon with her better half again,The Earth,seep through him and renew her marital vows.
Speck by Speck
grain by grain
time trickles away.
witness to The Wedding Fade away.


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advent said...

hem....sounds good...heheh..bye