Thursday, March 31, 2005

If minds speak...can mortals hear???

Mind is a wonderful hard disk installed inherently by nature....It spews Venom and also churns creates and kills... It is the Satan's Den and also the Angel's Abode...and something mortals can never control...A Mind has a Mind of its own...
The Reviewer
Mind-The recepticle of ethereal nullity,
Mind-The Black hole of all pain,
Mind-The whirlpool of Cosmic chaos,
Mind-The Eye of a raging storm.
Mind-The faint ripples on a placid lake,
Mind-The breeze at the crack of a dawn,
Mind-The guiless smile on an infant's face,
Mind-The rare glimmer in the eye of newborn Fawn.
Mind is a giant puzzle....a cryptic code from the creator...Dont try to fathom its depths....there are things better left un-understood....and one of them is the machinations of a human mind...


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